Creating a terrace starts already by making appointments, in which we will make the measurement and review of field measurement of heights windows, taking pictures of the place, to study possible unpacking, and site investigation - loose soil or not - study of lift in the case of a terrace on stilts. We apportertons samples of different wood choices and proposal by place of residence and budget. We will notify you of any applications to be made to the Trustee in the case of joint ownership of a residence and / or deposit of license. The quote says "Installed" meaning that we'll deliver the wood on site, and take care of the installation with all that that implies. We carry the quote as soon as possible so that you can know if your project is feasible, usually within 8 days depending on complexity. After approval, we will set a start date and end of construction and all phases of construction.

The installation steps for your deck are generally: possible if need unpacking, setting up the structure, installation of blades and sanding the deck with full fascia profile if necessary. In any position, a layer of glaze or humidifier. We will carry out your deck at once, expect from 3 to 7 days depending on the difficulty and size of the terrace (20 to 40 M2) for the upper surfaces, the delay will be higher of course.


At the first appointment, we cernererons your desires and we will bring our experience and price ranges to best optimize the terrain you want to develop according to multiple criteria such as willingness or not to have a regular maintenance, weak or nonexistent. We carry our proposals in the form of schematics, plans and if necessary in 3D. Then comes the second appointment on hand to refine the project and implementation of the final draft. The estimate will be submitted after this second appointment within 8 days. We carry all our yard at one time.

Arrangements without limits

The list of possibilities is long and the only limit is your imagination coupled with our creativity and experience. Installation of lighting to create moods and paint light your space, shade sails for their comfort and design aspect, more or less natural blackout fences, modern or traditional fountains, showers ... We will implement your deck or pool to suit your taste and boundless.


During the appointment we will select all the railings that fit your budget and installation location: body guard classic, rustic (exotic or larch wood), design (usually stainless or wood and steel association). The railings are often part of the finalization for example the protection of the pool, a terrace on stilts or suspended, to delineate a well-defined place etc. They are placed according to regulations. Contact us for more information.er un lieu bien défini etc. Ils sont posés suivant la réglementation en vigueur. Contactez nous pour en savoir plus.
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